The Things You Have Done

How silly.
I often forget I consulted NASA.

What more notable name to have in one’s portfolio than NASA.
Maybe McDonald’s –  but I have them also.

Nevertheless, I chased the rocket makers, pursued them, sold them a meeting,
then several more, and pushed the conversation up the hill for 8 months,
and did everything I knew to do…  until I didn’t get it.

So I placed them into my follow up system,
and forgot about them while pursuing others into the pipe line.

Until one day during Thanksgiving holidays,
I got an email two hours before we sat down to dine with extended family,
saying, Alex, contract’s on the way.

I froze. And in unbelief grinned from ear to ear.
Hugged my wife, told her and got her huge hug back.

Quite a treat taking care of them for 3 happy yrs.

But my point here’s not me getting NASA.
It’s YOU having gotten YOUR NASA.

Regardless of where you’re at,
ignore the calls to tell yourself some glossy positive self talk of pie in the sky myth you’re gonna do some day.

Instead, take a look at the NASAs you have gotten.
Remember them, and use them to propel yourself  out of any ruts,
and  unto better and higher stages of performance.

And yes. Put that grin back on your face.