While there’s truth in the old saying,

The best defense is a strong offense,” this can only be applicable in business when there's an impenetrable defense. Most don't have one.

Expenses are necessary, and vendors are needed partners, but 92% of all companies are paying more than they should for their procurements.

However, there is no need to continue such trend.

Using propriety cost-reduction & procurement analysis, our team becomes your team, and will analyze, identify and secure the proper levels of services - and costs - in every area of your procurements.

Being fully performance-based, there are no fees and no risk on your part.

Our clients realize an average of 9% savings, going straight back to your bottom line.


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At Legacy Consulting, we have proven processes that guide you through these key aspects to reducing your costs:

  1. Identify Your True Costs
  2. Add a Team of Experts
  3. Resolutions to All Vendor Issues
  4. Monthly Reports & Oversight