A little about me...

"I understand," said the doctor, “But regardless of how successful you may be, if you continue doing what you’re doing, you will lose your sight within 3 months.”

This brought the first 8 years of my ‘building’ career to an abrupt conclusion.

But the latter three had been with a Home360 Franchise, which – without knowing it then – had given me a solid transition to the world of consulting owners and executives in the building of their businesses.

This summer in 2018 will mark 30 years of having worked with over 700 of some of the most innovative, hard-working and delightful men & women I ever imagined partnering with.

I know some of them by Orlando, Jimmy, Jamie, Charlie and Hugo. You’d recognize them as Woman’s Hospital, Turner Industries, Mid South Bank, The Advocate and Johnson Space Center in Houston.

It always begins with being entrusted with certain results.

So, while the task may always be based on numbers - reducing costs or increasing profitability - the outcome is based more on the human factors of excellence, respect and the determination to identify both immediate solutions and leverage for long-term growth & success.

This is what fuels my days.

"Remember, you should be making twice as much money.
Act like you are, and do the things that go with it."

-Alex Velasquez