Call Them

Look at the Executives on your contact list.

…all the Presidents, CEO’s and all C-suite Executives.

What makes the difference?
How can men with the same hours in a day  accomplish
so much more  and be so stinking better off than you and I,
while still having the same amount of time  to run around in the playground.

The answer is….

… to call them.

Ask them for 20 minutes of their time to pick their brain.

– IF YOU’RE IN COLLEGE or high school – they ALL will give you 20 minutes.
Assure them you have no pitch for them – Only desire is to learn from them for only 20 minutes.
The last college student who told me she applied this idea,
ended up spending 3.5 hours with a 5-time NCAA Baseball World Series Title Coach.

about 20% of them will accept your coffee invite.
It’s a great way to network, and to meet great professionals.

Just bring a blank slate to take notes on – no pitches and 20 mins max.
Have fun with it and let me know how it goes.